Disc 11In The Flesh? 
 2The Thin Ice 
 3Another Brick In the Wall (Part I) 
 4The Happiest Days of Our Lives 
 5Another Brick In the Wall (Part II) 
 7Goodbye Blue Sky 
 8Empty Spaces 
 9Young Lust 
 10One of My Turns 
 11Don't Leave Me Now 
 12Another Brick In the Wall (Part III) 
 13Goodbye Cruel World 
Disc 21Hey You 
 2Is There Anybody Out There? 
 3Nobody Home 
 5Bring the Boys Back Home 
 6Comfortably Numb 
 7The Show Must Go On 
 8In The Flesh 
 9Run Like Hell 
 10Waiting for the Worms 
 12The Trial 
 13Outside The Wall